Venue Policies/Info/FAQ

Indian Ranch has been hosting live outdoor entertainment since 1946, making it one of the oldest concert venues in the country. It is an outdoor amphitheater situated on the shores of a beautiful lake with a record long name… Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg! The folklore translation of the name is “You fish on your side of the lake, I fish on my side of the lake, nobody fishes in the middle”. Kids have fun learning to pronounce the name and our lake souvenirs are a popular item.

Affordable tickets: Our ticket prices and service fees are much lower than the industry average. (General Admission for children under 12 is half price) Additionally, for most shows you can park for free and our food & beverage cost less than most other venues.. or you can even bring in your own food & beverages! (note: alcoholic beverages may not be brought in but are sold on the premises)

Photo op: Our venue is small enough that every seat has a good view. For most shows photographs are allowed (but not video or audio recording) and for a limited portion of the show we even allow patrons from any seat to pass directly in front of the stage to snap a photo!

Make a day of it! Our gates normally open two hours prior to a show. Come and enjoy our beach or picnic in the pine grove. If you own a camping vehicle you can even camp right at our venue for the weekend! Shows usually start at 2pm. Please check all times before hand there are a few shows that start at 1pm along with some evening shows this year. Gate and show times may vary depending on the artist schedules so please don’t assume times and check the individual artist listing. Also some shows may not have an opener. If you plan on skipping the opening act and coming to the venue late please make sure an opener is listed under the concert listing. If you arrive and the artist is already playing there are no refunds.

Most tickets can be purchased by the following:
Online at the Indian Ranch website or Ticketmaster website
Phone by calling Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000
By Ticketmaster outlets, find a Retail Location by you
Indian Ranch Box Office located at 200 Gore Road, Webster MA 01752. Please call for office hours 508-943-3871.

Some shows are on sale through Ticketweb, a Ticketmaster partner. You can always link to these shows directly through the Indian Ranch website or go online to

NOTE: Some events at the Ranch may be managed by a third party who simply rents our venue. As such, their ticket purchasing, pricing and policies may differ from that of Indian Ranch.

What are the hours of your Box Office?

Our Box Office hours vary in the off season. Please call 508-943-3871 for hours.

After May 1st our hours are:

Monday through Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 9am to 8pm
Saturday, Sunday: 10am to 5pm (open to 8:30 if there is an evening show)

Can I purchase tickets on the day of the show?

Yes. We usually have General Admission and sometimes Reserved Seating still available the day of the show. However for certain shows we may sell out. To ensure you will have tickets (and to avoid long ticket lines) we recommend purchasing your tickets ahead of time. By purchasing in advance you may also save money or obtain better seating.

Do you offer discount tickets for Children?

Yes. General Admission tickets for children under 12 may be purchased at half price. However, there is a limited number of available tickets for children. Once we are sold out of Children’s Tickets only full price General Admission will be available. There are no discounts for Reserved Seating for children and children are not allowed to sit on someone’s lap in a reserved seat.

Is there an age limit for children?

Generally speaking there is no age limit for children, even infants will be admitted. However, we do not recommend bringing young children. Children under 2 are free in the general admission section only.

You should also consider the environment you will be in. Although we try to keep our shows “family friendly”, it is after all an outdoor concert mostly attended by adults. There will be relatively loud sound volumes as well as adults who may be drinking, smoking or behaving in ways you may find objectionable for your children.

Consider bringing ear plugs, especially for very young children or infants. If you forget to bring some, please check our gift shop.

How are tickets mailed?

Tickets that are not purchased in the box office are mailed by Ticketmaster. Please check with Ticketmaster on their mailing policies and choices.  E-tickets are also available.

Do you have will-call?

Yes. In fact, if you are ordering tickets within 10 days of an event your tickets will automatically be put into our will-call. Tickets won via radio station promotions are also usually put in our will-call. All other ticket purchases will have their tickets mailed to them.

You may retrieve your tickets from our will-call on ANY day up to and including the day of the show. You must present valid identification and the identification must match the name we have on file for the tickets.

Is there a Service Charge on ticket sales?

There is a service fee anywhere between $3.25 to $7.50 per ticket for all orders whether placed by phone, online or in the box office. Some shows may vary.

NOTE: In the rare case of a show cancellation when refunds are granted for tickets, the service fees may not be refundable.

What are the limits to the number of tickets I can buy?

Up to Eight tickets for Reserved Seating may be purchased per show per order. There is no set limit on General Admission tickets, however we reserve the right to limit any ticket order.

Is there a seating chart?

Yes,click here to view our seating chart. Please note that some sections of reserved seating may not be available for all shows or may not become available until a later date. Please note beach chairs are not allowed in the seating area. Stadium cushions no wider than 15″ are allowed on the benches.

Where do we park and how much does it cost?

Indian Ranch can accommodate many vehicles right at our venue (please, no campers/RVs/motor homes or buses unless you have made camping reservations or received permission!). There is one free parking lot on-site at our venue, however we may not be able to accommodate all vehicles for every show so we advise you to arrive early to take advantage of free parking. VIP parking is offered for a fee and guarantees you a space, but it does sell out. Visit our ticketing site to purchase VIP parking.

In addition there are nearby commercial establishments such as The Lodge and the Webster Fish & Game which normally allow our patrons to park in their lots. Many residents along Route 16 will also offer parking on their property for a fee.

Most off-site parking will incur a parking fee, however some commercial establishments may offer free parking or will charge a fee but offer a coupon in the equivalent amount towards their goods & services.

Please respect the rights of the store owners and private property owners in the area. Make sure you have permission to park where you do otherwise you may be subject to being ticketed or towed at your own expense! Also note that parking is limited onsite so you cannot use an additional space to tailgate. You must wait until the parking attendant gives you permission to set up tents or chairs in the aisle so you do not interfere with parking. 

Can we arrive by water?

Sorry, but unless you are renting a boat slip at Indian Ranch or have express advanced permission you can not beach or dock your watercraft for the show at this time. We currently do not allow drop-off or pick-up by boat nor may you swim in.

Do you accommodate the elderly or those with physical disabilities?

We try our best to accommodate the elderly or those with disabilities. Depending on the show and when you arrive you may drop off people with special needs right at our main gate before parking or we may offer a shuttle service from our main entrance to the park gates. We also have reserved parking spaces for vehicles with handicapped plates/permits and can make special seating arrangements for those in wheelchairs.

Please note that although we try our best to accomodate all of our patrons, there are physical constraints and limitations to our venue as with any other facility. We recommend you order your tickets early and notify us that you will have people with special needs in your party.

Can I get a refund for a ticket or exchange it for another show?

Sorry but ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL, no refunds or exchanges. This is standard policy for most concert venues. In the rare case when a show has been cancelled and not rescheduled a refund will most likely be issued, however the refund may not include any service fees.

Do you ever cancel shows due to bad weather?

Very rarely. Except for extreme conditions all shows will go on rain or shine.

REMINDER: All ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

How can I make sure I have a good seat for the show?

Indian Ranch sells many of their tickets as General Admission which allows admittance into the park on the day of the show. Many of our patrons bring lawn chairs, utilize our picnic tables, sit along the wall, sit at the beach or even stand on the outskirts. Hence it is hard to gauge how many of the actual amphitheatre seats will be taken.

We sell tickets up to and including the day of show (unless it has sold-out beforehand) and will announce it as being “Standing Room Only” once we believe the amphitheatre is close to capacity. If you want to make sure you’ll have a good seat (or any seat at all) we recommend one of the following:

1) Order your tickets early and purchase Reserved Seating tickets. These cost more than General Admission but will reserve a particular seat for you in a preferred seating section. (Please note that for Reserved Seating their is no discount for children and they are not allowed to sit on your lap.)

2) Buy General Admission tickets and arrive early! Our gates normally open by 11am for daytime shows and people arrive early to enjoy the beach or listen to an act on our Corral Stage. You may go in and claim your seats but please do not reserve more space than you actually need and do not place towels or blankets on the bleacher seats.

What items can we bring with us into the park?

Indian Ranch allows many items to be brought into the park including coolers, blankets, towels, beach chairs, beach toys and usually still photo cameras (note that for most shows audio and video recording equipment is NOT allowed). Coolers may contain food and non-alcoholic beverages. Beach chairs may not be used in the seating area. They are only for the beach. Stadium cushions no wider then 15″ are acceptable on the benches in the seating area.

NOTE: This policy adds to the uniqueness of our venue. Most other places do not allow these items to be brought in. Please do not abuse our policy by trying to smuggle in alcohol or other banned items. If we find we have too much trouble with this then we may have to change our policy. Thank you for your cooperation. Please be aware there is no re-entry to the park.  What you bring in must remain with you while you are there.

What items are NOT allowed?

Common sense would dictate certain items that are not allowed — including alcohol, drugs, weapons, fireworks or any explosive devices. For most shows video cameras and audio recording devices are also not allowed. Still photo cameras are generally acceptable however it is at the discretion of the artist’s management. We may be instructed to disallow photo cameras and any audio/recording device may be subject to confiscation!

Is alcohol sold on the premises?

Yes. There are full-service outside bars and beer stands that sell a variety of alcoholic beverages including mixed drinks, wine and frozen drinks.

Are food and beverages sold on the premises?

Yes. There are consession stands which sell a variety of fare including hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, french fries, popcorn, cotton candy, slushes and soft-serve ice cream.

Can we cook our own food?

Yes. There are many individual grills available for cooking as well as picnic tables for eating. You may also bring in your own small portable grill.

How old do I have to be to consume alcohol on the premises?

The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is twenty-one (21).

What forms of identification do you accept?

The State of Massachusetts specifies the following as valid forms of identification:

§  A valid Massachusetts driver license,

§  A valid Massachusetts Liquor Identification card,

§  A valid Passport issued by the United States government, or by the government, recognized by the United States government, of a foreign country,

§  A valid United States issued active duty Military Identification Card.

If you have a driver’s license from a state other than Massachusetts then we strongly recommend you have other forms of ID on you.

NOTE: Indian Ranch reserves the right to card EVERYONE, regardless of what age you appear to be. For most shows we institute a wristband system. There will be an area set-up to check IDs and to issue the wristbands. You must have a wristband in order to be served alcohol or to consume alcohol. Anyone caught possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages without a wristband will be subject to eviction and/or prosecution. Anyone caught trying to transfer a wristband will also be subject to eviction.

Do you have tent camping?

Indian Ranch is unable to accommodate tent camping however there are many local options.  Please click HERE for further information.